Pollux Personal Trainer

  • Designed for those who have not so much time.

    Training On line

  • Here is the opportunity for everyone who has always wanted a personal training.

    Super Group Training

  • Fundamental activity, transforming children into adults.

    Training for boys&girls

Why choose
Pollux Personal Trainer

Pollux is complete as a sportive and therapeutic coach.

His preparation and professionalism allow Pollux’s method an improvement in physical performance in any sport.

Your goal becomes his goal, aiming for gradual loading workouts and paying attention to all individual needs.

For Pollux, well-being of anyone is the most important condition…


Individual Training
Group Training
On-line Training
Pro Training
Training for Boys&Girls

Who is Pollux

Pollux is an athlete who has an innate and intuitive motor skills due to a strong, resistant and mainly an elastic physical condition

He is particularly passionate about surfing, an awesome sport that helps him understand the importance of balance in all disciplines. All this changes helps him a lot, he was able to improve his performance by learning Squash, being part of a competitive team.


I just rejoined Pollux recently. I love this gym because he is a personal trainer super friendly and his studio is super clean. Thanks Pollux.
Ludovica Isidoro
Pescara (ITALY)

The study of Pollux Personal Trainer

You can find Pollux here

Pollux’s Study is in via Lago Isoletta n° 8 – Pescara. Click here and go to Google Maps.

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